5 Effective Steps for Managing Your Recruitment Channels

Why are sourcing and recruitment channels so important?

Talent sourcing channels are the means by which you identify and connect with the key talent you’d like to hire. Employers harness these various channels to extend their reach, to network and engage with talent that might be otherwise beyond their scope. 

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What Are The Five Steps?

  • ORGANISE YOUR EXISTING CHANNELS - Know what channels you are currently using and better group them.
  • DIGITALISE - Get smarter recommendations and automate processes of mundane tasks that would take several humans longer to complete with lesser relevance compared to AI.
  • PRIORITISE THE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE - Good candidate relationship management isn’t just about discovering the names of people who might work for you, it’s about the entire candidate journey.
  • MANAGE THE PEOPLE, NOT INSTEAD OF THEM - The candidate is the customer, but so is the employee… the recruiter and the hiring team, and any employee who wants to recommend and get rewarded for helping to find new hires.
  • UNDERSTAND AND FLEX FOR TOTAL TALENT ACQUISITION - Anytime you have to look across different dimensions, or various channels and databases, your overall multidirectional insight gets more and more challenged.

To learn more about the five key steps, download the whitepaper below.

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