"A combination of the increasing skills shortage and the evolution of talent technology has made recruiters rethink the way they attract and hire. By removing the traditional hiring borders and integrating the full breadth of talent sources, companies are embracing a shift toward a total talent strategy."  

- Andrew Brown (Head of Partners & Alliances TA)

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The world of outsourced recruitment continues to evolve, and outsourcing specialists are having to adapt rapidly to this changing landscape. Total talent acquisition is a term that has been around for a while, but how exactly is it enabling outsourcing providers to do better? 

With increasing skills shortages and the competition for talent growing, RPO and MSP organisations are shifting their thinking to this total talent model in order to engage and attract candidates. There are several key benefits;

  1) Wider talent pools. A total talent strategy rethinks the traditional hiring boundaries and enables companies to consider all types of hire to fill their roles. Bringing on the right candidate irrespective of their hiring preference.  

2) A more cohesive recruitment strategy. Adopting a total talent approach allows companies to align their permanent and contingent recruitment strategies, making their processes less fragmented and reducing costs.  

  So if you are a recruitment outsourcer looking to future proof your business, join the total talent movement today!  


Why Outsourcing Technology by Lumesse (now part of Saba)?

Total Talent Ready

Market-leading technology, breaking down constraints and allowing recruiters to tap into all hiring types for their roles. 

Dedicated Outsourcing Team

Our team of inhouse experts are involved in every project to advise, inspire and help. 


One platform, multiple clients. Suitable for established RPO’s right through to agencies expanding their outsourcing offering.

Agile & Flexible

Deploy RPO, MSP, On Demand and project outsourcing quickly and with ease. Ahead of the competition, always.

Data Security

Rest assured that your data is cast iron protected with the most up to date security technology.

Future Proof

Continuous investment and innovation is our passion, with our customers success and priorities at the heart.

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Customer Testimonials

Green Park

Customer Quotes

'We have worked with Saba Lumesse since 2016 and continue to deploy TalentLink to our customer projects. The main reason for this is the continued excellent levels of service we receive from the RPO team and the wider organisation'

- Hays

‘Saba Lumesse TalentLink brings all the stakeholders together on one platform and provides a single solution for Cielo and its customers, however it can still be configured to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. We can be up and running with TalentLink in 2 to 4 days because of our templates’

- Cielo 

‘TalentLink enables my team to carry out almost the entire implementation. Within 2-4 weeks we can manage an enterprise class rollout which is a differentiator for us. We are able to push projects live much quicker than our competitors.’

- Korn Ferry

Specialisation, excellence and value lie at the heart of Avencia, and the partnerships we form. With all three reflected by Saba Lumesse, it wasn’t hard for us to choose their TalentLink platform - flexible, easily configurable Talent Acquisition and Management software.’

- Avencia

The Talent Acquisition platform natively built with outsourcing in mind…

Lumesse (now part of Saba) is proud to be the leading provider of talent acquisition technology to companies operating in the RPO and MSP space. We currently work with 80% of the Bakers Dozen best-in-class Global RPO organisations, as well as many mid-sized and project outsourcing organisations around the world. We enable these clients to take their outsourcing offerings to the next level and deliver their services efficiently and cost effectively.

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