Six Ways to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Candidate Relationship Management is a key practice in delivering an optimum candidate experience and in customising and individualising the candidate journey all the way through to the hire. It is one of the important practices in leading-edge digital recruitment and candidate relationship management strategies leveraging the principles of How to Recruit Like a Marketer.

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Types of Candidate Experience Management

  • By Channel - How important is channel? Where did you meet the candidate? Which channels of interaction are they comfortable with?
  • By Demographic - By knowing your potential customer better, you can make better educated inferences about what that person may need or want. 
  • By Stage - Is it the awareness stage? Is it the interest stage? Are they ready to buy (i.e., accept an offer)?
  • By Engagement Level - Who is hot and who is cold in terms of candidate engagement, and what can you as an employer do better in your talent sourcing and candidate experience management efforts?
  • By Department - Hiring teams attempting to identify the skills and people needed to meet departmental and organisational objectives must be specific yet strategic.
  • By Source - You want to be able to identify the best sources for talent leads. 

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